Sunday, June 16, 2019

Video Game Content June 10-16, 2019

There was enough variety in the content this week that it didn't make sense to me to try to make separate posts, so here's all of it!

The first two videos are from a game called Airscape: The Fall of Gravity. It's a challenging platformer. I ended up deciding to not finish the game, as I wasn't interested in conquering the platforming challenge. I suspect part of the reason was lingering frustration with Hollow Knight's White Palace, even a week removed.

Next comes a trio of Guild Wars 1 videos. To some extent, these are content fillers. That doesn't mean I think they're bad by any means, it simply means they aren't a proper Let's Play series. I'm still in a bit of a limbo, as many of the games I want to start are (as far as I can tell, anyway) longer RPGs, and I want to start playing Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night for the channel the week it comes out (it releases June 18). I also don't want to interrupt a series. This makes figuring out what to do a bit awkward. On the other hand, it has meant I've experimented some!

Next, we have the next part of the Hollow Knight Epilogue. I get to the final boss for the better ending I'm going for, but I'm going to have to actually beat that boss in a future episode, as it proves to be quite challenging!

And finally, the last video is the first in a new series I'm doing that'll be a retrospective on Dark Souls II, the much-maligned middle-child of the Dark Souls trilogy. This episode specifically examines the issues with the game being named "Dark Souls II," and everything that comes with that.

Direct video links:

Airscape: The Fall of Gravity—Ep. 1: Aeronaut Octopus -
Airscape: The Fall of Gravity—Ep. 2: Who even installed all of these Deadly Traps?! -
Guild Wars 1: Raisu Palace, Imperial Sanctum, and the Factions Victory Celebration -
Guild Wars 1: Imperial Sanctum (Hard Mode) & going to The Jade Quarry and Fort Aspenwood -
Guild Wars 1: My Elementalist hires Zenmai -
Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 7: The Void Heart -
Dark Souls II: A Retrospective—Part 1: What's in a name? -

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