Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hollow Knight Epilogue Episodes 4 & 5 and Gyala Hatchery

I ended up recording another two episodes of Hollow Knight this week. Unfortunately, something was off with my microphone settings, which resulted in it being too quiet and cutting out in spots. This isn't helped by the fact that the game was way too loud. That's something I'll have to fix for the next time.

Anyway, I went after the last two spirit warriors I'd previously missed, then took a stab at beating the White Defender. He proved...challenging.

In the Sunday video, I return to Guild Wars 1 and doing stuff on my Ranger, this time the Gyala Hatchery mission, though the episode itself starts with the prerequisite quest wherein I retrieve a chest of turtle eggs.

Direct video links:

Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 4: Galien and Gorb -
Hollow Knight Epilogue Ep. 5: The White Defender lives up to his name... -
Guild Wars 1: Gyala Hatchery -

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