Tuesday, June 4, 2019

No Geekdom of God this week

Hey, everyone.

There won't be a Geekdom of God episode this week. This is due to several factors, but the most important one is this:

My episode idea for this week sounded good when I came up with it, but slowly and surely fell apart as I was writing the script for it. Thankfully, my sister (who has been graciously helping me edit episodes of late) helped me confirm that the script was a hot mess.

This isn't a script that can be fixed, since it was concepted as a list, and a major problem with it is that each topic ended up being both meatier than I had originally thought it would be, as well as not connecting to the list's theme as well as I had thought it would.

The good news is that this problem means that the list topics can be split up into their own episodes that I now have head starts on.

Unfortunately, due to the way the last several days have played out, I did not realize the problem with the topic until I'd effectively run out of time. The reasons for this are connected to a broader issue that I'm going to be discussing with Patrons, so now is a good time to sign up if you're reading this and haven't.

Ultimately, it is my judgment that it is better to not try to rush some sort of episode out—only for it to end up being late anyway, as would be inevitable at this point—because this show is too important to lower the bar of quality simply so I can say that I've gotten something out every week since it started.

Thank you for your understanding.

-- Sientir

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