Sunday, March 1, 2020

Announcement: Transitioning all posts to

Hello, Reader!

For quite a while now, I've had a blog at both (here) and As this blog has mostly just become posts about various YouTube videos, and figuring out what other differences should exist between here and has proven unclear, I've decided to merge the contents of this blog (save this post, for obvious reasons) into

In short, I'm retiring this blog, at least for the time being—it's always possible that a purpose for it will present itself, but for now, I'd rather consolidate where things are happening, rather than fracture them.

I will be leaving this blog up for now (mostly to preserve links), but future content from me, including posts about YouTube videos, will be found at, not here.

Making Astral Collision (An RPG Maker MV Project) Part 22

I did a lot of playtesting this week, which produced a ton of useful information about what things are important to my game to make it fun to play. There was a lot, some of it balance oriented (like increasing the number of weapons each character can wield), some of it very practical (like adding the ability to sit by a fire to advance to the part of the day cycle you want). Taken together, I feel like there was a lot of progress made this week!