Friday, May 17, 2019

The Surge Episodes 6-8 and Shadow of War Miniseries Episodes 1-2

Hey everyone. Well, this was quite an interesting week for the Let's Play series, huh?

I ended up deciding to stop playing The Surge because I found the combat too frustrating to be fun. This led to a pivot to playing Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, just to have some fun. That's gonna end up being a longer thing than I expected, though definitely not as long as a full playthrough of the game would be. I just want to get my fortress back!

Direct video links:

The Surge Ep. 6: Missing the Obvious Door -
The Surge Ep. 7: Rescuing Hobbs -
The Surge Ep. 8: "Rage" Quit -
Shadow of War—Siege Miniseries Ep. 1: Whoops, Lost My Fortress -
Shadow of War—Siege Miniseries Ep. 2: Hunting Captains -

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