Sunday, January 6, 2019

Guild Chat: Self-Acceptance and "True" Wars 2

Here are the Guild Chat episodes from this week.

In this first one, I talk about self-acceptance. It's a topic I've been thinking about because of how important it is to do. I'm not talking about something superficial here, by the way—I'm talking about accepting the truth of who you are so that you can change and grow and make full use of your gifts.

The second one discusses what I'd want from a mechanical sequel to Guild Wars 1; a "spiritual successor." Guild Wars 2 is very different mechanically, and I heard another YouTuber (WoodenPotatoes) talk about this idea. I have very different thoughts on it than he does, however, so I figured I'd share my take.

Direct video links:

Self-Acceptance -
"True" Wars 2: What I'd want from a Guild Wars 1 spiritual successor -

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